"Mulcher Magic virtually eliminated unwanted weeds such as thistles growing in my animal grazing paddocks and promoted the growth of lush high quality grass species".


Jenny Tilse. Farmer LORN


"Mulcher Magic did not leave behind any slow to break down windrows when they mowed my day paddocks. My pastures regenerated quickly and they were quite reasonably priced."


Darren Elder. Harness  Racing Trainer/Driver LOUTH PARK



"The Mulching Mowers used by Mulcher Magic do a lot better job on my day yard/training track then the slashers used by other contractors. They leave a fine even mulch that guarantees a uniform humus supply to the soil, that is essential to make it fertile.

"On a difficult weekend shift to my new horse property Mulcher Magic maintained the highest level of Quality and professionalism

while delivering cost efficient results saving me time and money."

Kate. Owner and Breeder of the Queens favourite horse the Scottish Highlander ALLISON..