Mulching & Mowing.


Mulcher magic specialises in flail mulcher mowing and are equipped with a range of heavy duty  equipment from 1.8 to 3m (6 to 10 foot) cutting widths. We use high quality Italian mulchers built to last and handle the toughest conditions. These mulchers can handle mowing long thick grass that your average mower will not go through. They also make light work of clearing saplings up to 9cm (3.5 inches) in diameter, and can easily mulch up scrub like African Olive and Lantana.


Powered by our 55 and 150 horse power tractors, our mowing equipment serves a range of different applications and terrains. We can cut grass on neat open spaces to maintain nice green lawns on sporting fields, estates or rural properties, and our 4WD tractors will also go on steep, rough slopes in around trees and scrub.


So from small acreages to large estates and rural holdings, Mulcher magic can keep your green areas neat and tidy with regular mowing. This regular mowing will keep your lawns under control and your green areas looking great. For areas that have not been mowed for some time, mulcher mowing may be required to break down thick, overgrown grass and vegetation before regular mowing.

Does this look like your backyard or property?

Mulcher magic can take care  of all slashing requirements whether it is grass control, light clearing, heavy duty mowing, or acreage slashing in all kinds of conditions. We have equipment  and machinery for mowing heavy grass, thick grass and pasture grass.

Do you have thick long grass that needs mulching?

Mulcher magic can handle all your slashing requiements.

With heavy duty ItaIian equipment, Mulcher Magic can take care of mowing heavy, thick grass in paddocks or bushland requiring 4WD tractors. We can also offer heavy duty mowing to remove thick heavy grass from around your home, property or acreage.

Is your property a fire hazard?

The diverse climate in Australia including heavy rains and high temperatures produce thick vegetation that fuels bush fires. Mulcher magic can protect your property from the threat of bushfires with a properly created fire-break. Regular mowing will help protect your property by controlling dense thick grass. With an unpredictable climate, you can never be too careful or too prepared.