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Sustainable Green Area Maintenance Service using Mulching Mowers
  • Natural care for green areas by perpetually recycling organic nutrients.

  • Encouraging soil biology and areation.

  • Protecting groundwater and promoting humus formation.

  • Guarding against wind and water erosion and soil dehydration.

  • Encouragement of high quality grass species and suppression of weeds.

  • Savings in time and cost and improvements in operating efficiency from versatile mulch mowers.

About us

We are a local family owned business serving the Lower Hunter Valley of NSW. Our equipment is suitable when something a bit more robust then a ride on mower is required. Our mulchers are attached to 4wd tractors for heavier work. The advantages of mulch are well known to gardeners - we make and evenly distribute mulch whilst mowing! So improve your soil whilst turning your paddocks into parks.

Heres the Proof 

Before Mulcher Mowing

September 2013


Lot 11  a 6 acre rural block at Paterson Grange Estate. Overgrown and to rough for a ride on mower. Also comming into bushfire season.

After Mulcher Mowing

Novebmer 2013


Lot 11 two months after. With just a little rainfall look how lovely and green it is.